Hey, just in case you might be wondering if I have a life outside of designing graphics for online gambling casinos, well my answer is that I do! I like to relax and indulge in my hobbies when am not doing design work and basically during my leisure time. This also helps me to sort of recharge my batteries and renew my creative juices so that when I get back to designing my work is flawless.

You will most likely find me taking my dog, Ducoma out for a walk when am not working. You will be correct to say when am not working, am probably walking! Walking my dog is more like it. We go for strolls everywhere! We take walks to nature parks, to the shopping center, and sometimes basically just walking around the block as we play. You might also find me just relaxing in the house listening to music. I love music! I often tell myself if I wasn’t a graphic designer, I would probably have been a musician playing all manner of instruments. I must also have a great musical ear as I listen to a wide range of music ranging from country music to urban music. It goes without saying that I love dancing too.

Another hobby of mine is reading novels. I can stay sited cozily on my couch reading a novel for hours as long as the book is interesting. I like Science Fiction novels the most, and that isn’t surprising seeing as am a graphic designer. I find these novels almost as stimulating as creating an awesome design.

I am also a great cook, and I enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy designing. I believe cooking is an art, and so is graphic design. I almost personally prepare all the meals that I take with only the rare occasions when I have to order a pizza or two from the store when I don’t have the time to prepare a meal.

As a graphic designer, getting to have time away from work and to relax is essential as these activities leave you refreshed and re-energized to handle design tasks and help to renew your creativity after a draining period of work. Well, at least they do that for me.