Hi there! Well, there are many perks of working in this line of work for me. First of all, I have the rare chance of doing what I like, which is coming up with amazing, attractive and appealing designs. Working in a casino has enabled me to do just that! There is also the issue of paying the bills, well my work caters for that just fine! I can pay my rent, feed myself and clothe myself, well, am not complaining!

The other thing is that I get to have the freedom and flexibility to work from where I want. I don’t have to wake up every morning and go to the casino’s offices to work from there. They are online platforms, and there are no physical offices to rent online! Of course, they have physical offices, but there is no need for me to stay as being a freelancer I can deliver the work from anywhere so long as I meet the deadline. Another perk is that I get to set my work schedule for myself. I can choose to either carry out the work during the wee hours of the morning or late during the night, as long as I submit the work on time. Personally, am a morning person and that is what works best for me.

I also have the rare perk of seeing my designs posted up everywhere on billboards, on websites, and on social media. I can tell you for the fact that this is what gives me the greatest job satisfaction. There is hardly any feeling that compares to the feeling you get when you’re walking downtown, and you come across a design you created splashed on a billboard. Similarly, as you’re browsing online and you bump into advertisements that you made and designed gives you a sense of pride that can be compared to little else. It’s like being congratulated by the entire world for a job well done.