Hi there! Today am going to take you through what my day as a graphic designer working with online casinos is like. I can assure you it’s not what you expected! However, you can bet it’s interesting!

The good thing about being a freelancer is that you don’t have to work from an office, so I get to set my own working time, and I get to chose where I work from, which is usually in my house! So my day begins at around 7:00 AM sharp in the morning! That’s when my alarm clock rings and I jump out of bed and go through my daily motions of taking a shower, getting dressed and having breakfast together with my dog, Ducoma. Afterwards am ready to get the day started at 8:00 AM. I sit on my favorite workstation which is my swinging work table, and I begin by checking my email for any new messages. I also get on the phone and follow up on any unfinished business conversations entailing design works that need to be worked on.

Usually, I have already been at the casino say the previous day, and we have discussed at length on the kind of designs to be made. This is usually a meeting made up of several people including the marketing and PR casino staff team members. We agree on the intended objective of the design such as its target market and what sort of appeal it should have. Once everyone is on the same page, and we have agreed on a set objective, the ball is handed over to my court. I am then tasked with taking those ideas and bringing them to life through design within a given deadline. So I sit on my work table, go through all the instructions and using all the necessary computer software at my disposal, which is usually just Adobe Photoshop, I create the visual images that would evoke the necessary emotions from people and get them to participate in our online gambling platforms. One of projects that i’m most proud of will be the mega joker slot machine. Me and my team word very hard to create the graphic design of mega joker.

When all of this is done and taking a sip of coffee from my work table at home! How cool is that! Once am done with creating all the designs for my various clients, which is usually around past noon, I submit the work to my clients and relax, or I go and look for more work!