In graphic design you want to show, don’t tell. Which is hard when it comes to certain things. Because how do you illustrate the feeling someone gets when they open an online casino? Or how do you show a casino’s trustworthiness? These are things I was struggling with after accepting my latest assignment, that I got from City&Betting Casino. This is a casino that is a bit different. It looks like a big city and for every choice you make you see what you get. For example, if you click on payment methods, you enter a bank. And when you click on games, you’ll enter a casino that looks like a VR casino lobby.

City&Betting Casino

This is a relatively new casino, as it has been launched a year ago. Since then it has proven its worth, even though it takes a bit longer to become a real successful casino. Most of the players are loyal to the casino and there is a low number of dormant accounts, but the casino needs to promote itself a bit more. That’s where I come in, I have to create the marketing material. However, the first image I need to create is one that will be shown on the landing page under the anchor Kies zelf uit betrouwbare en veilige online casinos. And it cannot be too much like other online casinos, it has to give out a city vibe. See my struggle?

Slot machines and more

Just to give you a clearer idea of what kind of casino City&Betting is. The casino’s lobby area looks like a land-based casino lobby. But with all the online casino slot machines. Initially, you see a lot of slot machines lined up with many options, such as new games, popular games, slot machine provider and so on. When you click on one, a second screen will open with the options. It’s like you are really inside the casino. If you are done with slot machines, you can walk a bit further to the table games area, where you’ll see roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and many more casino games that you can choose from. After the table games section, City&Betting Casino also offers and event room where you can take a seat and enjoy a live show from time to time. These will be communicated by the casino in advance.

That’s not all

As you might realize by now, City&Betting Casino is nothing like other online casinos. Not only do you have to walk to the virtual bank on the screen to be able to deposit or withdraw money from your casino account, if you have any casino-related questions you can walk to the post office to open the live chat. A big plus is that these facilities are all open around the clock. Which makes City&Betting Casino a real city that never sleeps. There is even an option to socialize with other players in the lounge bar where you can talk through the casino’s chat function.

My casino ideas so far

To show this casino is trustworthy and safe I was thinking about portraying a Toyota dealership and a car that drives from there to the casino. After all this brand has a good reputation in terms of reliability and players recognize it. The assignment was to make it relate to the casino but also blend in with the city we have created around the casino. So adding a new element to this casino city seems like the right way to go for me. What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions?