It’s been a while since my last post so I want to apologize. I already got some concerned emails from you guys since I didn’t post anything the last week. I did have a good reason: I was working! You know I love being a graphic designer and lately, I experimented with the no deposit bonus designs. Most casinos offer them, but I don’t always like the design: I think it’s time for another style of the no deposit bonus, meaning how the offer is designed. If you’re curious about my ideas, check my design concept op deze pagina. I’m going to tell you a bit more about my ideas and just in case you’re wondering: Ducoma is fine, she’s sitting next to me while I type this.

As a designer, I want to catch your attention

Since I’ve been working in online casinos I know most web and game designs are flashy and colorful. The intention is to get your attention for a no deposit bonus or a new slot with flashing lights and bright colors which obviously works. Humans are more attracted to colors like red or yellow. That doesn’t mean we all like these colors, but by seeing a no deposit bonus design with those colors like op deze pagina, it won’t escape your attention. And, catching your attention is my goal as a designer.

A calm design for a no deposit bonus offer

However, as a graphic designer, I also think of other angles and goals for a design. Although I’m working for an online casino, I also design in way different styles for these casinos. For example, I create flyers for casino events and need to implement the no deposit bonus conditions in a design too. A design with complicated information must look relatively calm and clear otherwise people might not be able to absorb the information. This obviously also applies to a design for no deposit bonus conditions.

Doing the unthinkable

A while ago I got the assignment to create a design for a no deposit bonus, but with the conditions combined in the design. In the beginning, it seemed quite impossible so Ducoma and I did what we always do: we experiment with colors and tools! Ducoma with her paws and paint and me with my software tools. We used previous designs and combined these with all kinds of colors. It was actually Ducoma who gave me a great idea (you can watch her creation op deze pagina). She created a mess with a lot of blue and white, but I could still see the original red flyer of a no deposit bonus underneath.

Ducoma to the rescue for my no deposit bonus design!

So this what I did: I took Ducoma’s creation and copied it to Photoshop. I opened several previous no deposit bonus designs and projected Ducoma’s creation on it. Of course, it needed a lot of adjustments, but the concept was born. A flashy no deposit bonus offer in red and yellow, but a rather peaceful design of the no deposit bonus conditions. For the conditions part, I also used yellow to make it more whole with the no deposit bonus offer, but I also added light blue and white to create tranquility. Op deze pagina you can see the process of my design through images.

Conclusion: a no deposit bonus design can be striking as well as tranquil

This experiment made me realize that we might need to think about other ways of approaching people. Maybe we’re able to show a no deposit bonus with some striking colors, but also with offering users a literally transparent promotion of a no deposit bonus. This might be even more appealing because it’s not something you usually see. I already spotted several online casinos that come across as less flashy and also more adult by using a more tranquil design for their website and no deposit bonus. Although they might target other people, for me it was a relief to play at a casino like this and to be able to easily understand the no deposit bonus without flashing lights. However, there’s no argument about taste and luckily I’m able to satisfy many tastes!

See you soon!

Either way, Ducoma and me are looking forward to more designing adventures. We’ll try to keep you posted more often in the future!